Plutus Preschool Franchise

Seeking A Plutus Preschool Franchise?

Join our growing network of Plutus Kids PreSchool Franchises. Plutus is a premium Kids Pre-school in one of the most popular areas of Ahmedabad. With its founders having a legacy of more than 25 years in the field of education, its popularity is fast spreading. Now start your own preschool in low investment.


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Benefits of a Plutus Kids School Franchise

  • High potential for growth and multiple revenue streams and channels to seize.
  • Low investment and low ongoing overhead requirement to run the franchise.
  • A strong preschool brand and image with proven association in the field of education & preschool management
  • Use of our established business name and systems which removes much of the uncertainty around starting and running your own preschool franchise.
  • World class set up with digitally integrated well planned preschool curriculum
  • 360 degree set-up support
  • 100 % ERP integrated
  • A highly rewarding and fun set-up
Plutus Preschool Franchise

Plutus Kids School Franchise Starter

Preschool Franchise India

Design Curation Of Your Spaces

Design of the interior and exterior of your pre-school will be provided. Keeping the location of your franchise in mind, special plan and project design will be curated. All branding benefits, infrastructure, ambience will be offered ensuring that your pre-school looks great!

Preschool Franchise India

Furniture & Equipment

All in-school equipment such as the study tables, chairs, toys, storage cabinets, puppets, seating options for common areas, library furniture, bag holders, out-door and indoor play spaces equipment, etc. will be given by us.

Preschool Franchise India


The Plutus Paradigm based curriculum will be given with activities mapped from the beginning of the day to the end across all grades.

Preschool Franchise India

Teaching Material

From lesson plans, teaching strategies, break-up of learning activities, creative work books, skill building toys, art-craft material, other play –learn material will be included in the preschool franchise cost.

Preschool Franchise India

Marketing & Working Support

All national level advertising, online ads, print ads, local support of signages, events and activities will run parallel in all franchises and therefore will be given by Plutus Kids School.

Preschool Franchise India

Student Admission Lead Management Support

Prospective leads from your area of franchise will be passed on to your franchise at the time of enquiry.

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Teacher’s Training

To ensure that the teaching across all Plutus Kids School is of optimal quality, all the preschool teachers are offered uniform training online. New teaching methods are introduced and skills are updated from time to time.

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Financial Support

For collateral free loans, associations are made with banks for assistance as seemed fit by them.

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Online Business Portal Access

To make things transparent, you can get access to our online systems so that you can manage your preschool franchise operations and track your own preschool business performance.


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What would you need to become a Plutus Preschool Franchise?

Preschool Franchise Gujarat

Monetary Investment

Rupees 12-15 lakhs depending on your city of operation and location.

Preschool Franchise Gujarat


For indoor classrooms you will need minimum of 2000 sq.ft. Outdoor space for activities is important too.

Preschool Franchise Gujarat

Positive Vision

Time is needed for any business to reap benefits. So a minimum of 3-5 years sitting period is required before you see results.

Steps Involved for Starting Plutus Kids School Franchise

Ready to Start your Preschool?

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