“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.”

– Mark Van Doren

Every child deserves the best possible start to an entire journey of learning.
At PLUTUS, we believe that we exist in the interest of the children, their learning and well-being.

Our well structured curricula across all levels of pre-school is designed to empower the whole child –





The teaching ethos on which our school is founded include:

Learning through play based inquiry

We believe that children by nature are curious. Their thirst to know things is quenchless. ‘How things work’, ‘what happens if’ and similar such questions prompt kids to think like scientists as they try to understand the world around them.

By supporting their scientific thinking and curious nature, we encourage inquiry through explorations by integrating inquiry led-learning into our curriculum.

Learning at own pace

No two children are the same. Yet each child deserves respect and equal opportunity to learning. While each child blossoms in his own uniqueness, the role of our educators is that of observers who navigates the child’s innate psychological development.

With free choice of materials, uninterrupted opportunities to work and flexibility of activities in a classroom, our teaching reflects the philosophy of ‘self-initiated’ learning.

Learning through accepting individual differences in each child

Plutus is proud to adopt the ‘Theory Of Multiple Intelligences’ in its teaching pedagogical philosophy. This takes the ‘uniqueness’ of each child and further enables learning by implementing teaching methods suitable for different kinds of intelligences.

With a range of teaching aids available in each classroom, every child is offered an equal opportunity towards holistic growth and development.

Learning through exploring

If we tell them, they’ll forget. If we show them, they’ll remember.

Learning through positive interactions between environment and people. By explorations of material, surrounds, teaching material and people, we aim to create meaningful preschool experiences and connections within the curriculum; reflecting on observations from explorations and of individual children’s learning within the learning program.


Brighten your child’s learning journey.