Learning Spaces of Plutus

Sensory Exploration Area

Our Sensory Exploration Area is more than just a playroom! It is built with various combinations of material to stimulate the five senses of children. Interesting and interactive natural, synthetic, Montessori materials and activities are installed with comprehensive planning and safety. The sensory activities are planned in such a way that they encourage gross motor, fine motor as well as social and emotional development of the child.

Outdoor Play Space

Plutus has a dedicated play area where children have access to open-ended play equipment. Such a play space allows children to experience excitement and adventure. Here, children can develop their gross-motor skills, creativity, and sensory stimulation while basking in the open. Our Outdoor Play Space meets high-quality standards with structured planning to integrate social and physical play, as well as cognitive growth.

Art and Design Station

Art and Design Station is designed to foster creative expression, concentration and self-expression in children. With access to a range of paints and art tools, our students can engage in and explore different texture with various tools and materials. This station increases the children’s creativity in work and thoughts. They also learn to express feelings through the handling of materials like clay, leaves, finger paints, etc.

Block Station

The block station is built so that the toddlers can enjoy some quiet time. This corner of the school is stocked with blocks, puzzles, etc. of various sizes, shapes, and textures. This studio inspires children toward application of logic, thinking skills and mathematic basics. Open-ended toys also encourage their inner creativity.

Story Station

We understand that children love stories. Hence, Plutus has a Story Station where the parents and children have access to several books. From picture books, storybooks to texture books, every book is thoughtfully selected to help the children to enhance their basic vocabulary and understand the world. Here, the teacher or the parents encourage the children to read-aloud simple words and understand the content.


Brighten your child’s learning journey.