Mother & Toddler

Proudly partnering with parents for toddler’s growth , by developing love for a lifetime of learning in a safe and comfortable environment.

This program is designed for children under 18 months of age. Predominantly focusing on developing core cognitive, social and emotional as well as physical (fine and gross motor) skills, this program is the first step towards embarking on a beautiful journey called learning.

Through engagement in varied activities including songs, dance, sensory play, free play and interactive sessions, our toddlers are stimulated towards exploration and discovery in a positive, warm and nurturing environment.
A parent and a child are both welcomed in this program.

What Our Day Looks Like

This session is for 1.5  hours thrice a week.


Prayer And Settling Down Activity

Toddlers and parents are welcomed each morning into our well planned and organized classrooms. With beautiful music notes that soothe, this time of the morning is dedicated to creating a positive and warm ambience so that the transition of the child from home to classroom can be done in a seamless manner.

15 Minutes

Circle Time

Children love to tell! We use this time to sit together and encourage interactions through simple questioning, initiating conversations about the day that has passed, anecdote sharing and anything that encourages bonding between the social network of the classroom.

15 Minutes

Discovery Mode

Rich exploratory materials are set up in different parts of the classroom. This part of the day is open to toddlers to play with material and learning manipulatives that catch their interest while developing fine motor skills, discovering sensory material, enjoying art and craft or listening to read-aloud.

25 Minutes

Sensory Or Play Gym

Parents and toddlers are offered a range of activities to enjoy either sensory explorations or the beautiful outdoor play gym in our campus.

25 Minutes

Day Sharing And Gratitude

Talking and reflecting on the day that has passed and the tips that parents take home from that day’s learning. We end with a thank you to everyone for being a part of the day.

10 Minutes


Brighten your child’s learning journey.