Jr.Kg. & Sr.Kg.

Advanced in their analytical abilities, probing techniques, personality and individuality, these children are open to an entire world of learning through thoughtful stimulation.

This program is spread over two years for children between ages 3.5 years and 5.5 years.
Committed towards encouraging children to achieve higher levels of learning and preparing them for higher levels of schooling, we steer each individual learner to achieve learning objectives bearing in mind his own unique attributes. In the time that a child spends in our school, he and the educator work in tandem to achieve maximum output from each learning experience put forth to the child. Age level, intriguing material and manipulatives are imperative in this learning process.

In these years, we open the windows to a range of activities focused towards purposeful learning. The scope of activities range across a spectrum of learning objectives which include socio-emotional growth, life skills, early math, early literacy, early art and crafts, communication, social skills and so on. At this stage of learning, a strong foundation comprised of these basic but essential preschool skills are built with a balance between child based inquiry and teacher guided learning. Detailed assessment of each of our nursery children helps tap on strengths and work on areas of reinforcements.

What Our Day Looks Like

The group meets for 4 hours 5 days a week


Prayer And Inquiry Session

The children are welcomed each morning into our well organized classrooms. Post prayer and greetings, the children and educator discuss the day that has passed, what to expect during the present day, share stories and seek inquiry into the ongoing theme.

60 Minutes

Discovery Session

Through various thought provoking materials and learning material laid out by the teacher, the students chooses what piques his interest the most. The child then manipulates the material to the best of his or her knowledge with minimal inputs from the teacher. This kind of open-ended learning promotes self-learning and collecting information without the teacher’s interference thereby making the child confident of his choices and inquiries.

40 Minutes

Math And Literacy Session

Basic concepts of pre-math skills, math skills as well as literacy are focused on in this session with the help of various learning manipulatives. The curriculum focuses on achieving grade appropriate learning objectives.

60 Minutes

Break And Down Time

Healthy eating habits are modelled. While our educators eat healthy foods, the children are also encouraged to eat wholesome snacks independently.

30 Minutes

Sensory Or Play Gym Session

Parents and toddlers are offered a range of activities to enjoy either sensory explorations or the beautiful outdoor play gym in our campus.

30 Minutes

Day Sharing And Gratitude

As the day comes to an end, the children are encouraged to talk and reflect on the day that was and share their observations, moments of fun, sing songs or just, wind down. We end it with a thank you to everyone for being part of the day.

20 Minutes


Brighten your child’s learning journey.