After School Activities

Plutus would like to extend its education program beyond formal education and make it available to more people. Hence our line-up of After School Classes & Activities are rich and varied. 

Handwriting Improvement In 30 Days

While we agree that typing may have replaced a lot of the writing, for generations to come, no one will abandon writing altogether. In fact, handwriting has been found to offer several benefits, for children and adults alike. Besides it is a wonderful reflection of one’s personality.The pen is indeed mightier than the keyboard.

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Improve your handwriting and gain confidence!

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We are passionate about providing children with the right tools and appropriate skills to meet the expectations of the millennial and to drive highly successful educational outcomes. With several challenges that kids face, our aim is to support the child’s holistic development in Maths and English.

Enroll your child in a program of his interest and offer better learning opportunities.
Bring out the genius in your child!

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Vedic Math Classes

Using the proven ancient method of teaching, our aim is to build good mathematical acumen in your child. It is a fun-filled way to do math and cultivates an interest for numbers. The programme improves analytical and logical application to problems and enhances concentration as well as confidence. We prepare your child to ace Olympiads/Talent tests at the school level.

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Make your child a master in Maths!

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Expressive English Language

English comes naturally to your child when it is introduced to him at an early age. Through uniquely structured programmes, we inculcate proficiency through audio-visual, dramatization and fun filled learning activities. Our curriculum is well designed and fully equipped with Phonetics, Grammar, Vocabulary and Fun Activities.

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Build expressive English skills of your child!

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STEAM Activities

An integrated approach, STEAM’s five subjects share a common approach as well as focus. Based on observations from evidences gathered, they help our children to develop logic, interpretation, critical thinking and questioning. Through STEAM learning happens naturally everyday as children explore, play, and try new things.

Benefits By Building Innovative Thinking Skills In:
S – cience,    T – echnology,    E – ngineering,    A – rt,    M – ath

Enroll your child today in the next generation STEAM activities
Offer holistic learning opportunities to your child.

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Are you looking to get the benefits of Yoga?
We offer a full range of yoga benefits which will guide you through the physical practice of transforming your body and mind, leading you to a place where you will be able to enjoy states of physical health, mental peace and inner stability.

Enroll for our yoga classes.
Awake your inner self.

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Brighten your child’s learning journey.