About Us

The Plutus philosophy is committed towards creating empowered individuals.

Plutus Kids School, believes that teaching philosophies in early education cannot be mutually exclusive. Hence it is committed towards achieving a balanced learning. By combining the best thinking of renowned early learning philosophies like Riggo Emilia, Waldrof, Montessori and integrating large amounts of project based learning in daily class-room scenario, it aims at the holistic development of a child. We call our uniquely curated approach ‘The Plutus Paradigm.’

‘The Plutus Paradigm’ follows an emergent curriculum targeted to fulfill the millennial’s evolving education demands without compromising on the basic need to nurture a child’s inert and individual learning style. Through positively stimulated environments, our ‘play-centered’ learning opportunities facilitate to extract optimum output from each child’s individual capacity. Our blended philosophy encourages each learner to link his unique personal attributes to the emotional, intellectual and psychological experiences in school while also aiming towards positive learning experiences.

The eco-system of our preschool echoes a respectful, warm and nurturing environment focused on developing social and intellectual skills of our children. By incorporating various exploration activities, we aspire to achieve short and long term play benefits of cognitive, social, emotional, academic and physical development. A child is motivated to engage in opportunities to learn while harnessing his creativity, concentration and absorption powers.

As a multi-faceted school, our learning environment echoes Indian values and morals while embracing the need for each child to become a global citizen capable of thinking, feeling, reasoning and inquiring with a modern day perspective.

All this is fostered through a joyful journey of ‘understanding by doing’ which is carefully nurtured by the tender and expert guidance of our well trained educators.

Our Approach

‘The Plutus Paradigm’ is a unique combination of philosophies which emphasize on creative learning via ‘self-exploration.’

What makes our approach so effective is that we do not ignore the need of today’s children to advance actively and at their own pace by learning in their own style.

Thus various teaching and learning activities across different grades are integrated in the curriculum assisting children to mature emotionally, physically as well as intellectually.

With a consciously spaced out approach of structured and free learning, The Plutus Paradigm approach works at constantly nurturing the spontaneous curiosity of a child and creating project based reflection of his pursuits across various disciplines.

It is these combinations that makes our approach at PLUTUS special.

Our Mission

We believe that no individual can learn unless his inner curiosity is aroused.

Our main mission at PLUTUS KIDS SCHOOL is to encourage a child to achieve learning milestones in a fun and exploring way by creating an environment that each individual child can thrive in.

We maintain an inclusive environment which acknowledges and respects children from diverse family and cultural backgrounds.

By doing this, we enable them to become smart-thinking, dynamic, and ‘ready-for-life’ individuals who enjoy learning by indulging in the act of doing and thinking.

Our Vision

We envision an empowered PLUTUS KIDS SCHOOL community where we create a developmentally inclusive environment for our children by positively encouraging them to their fullest potential.

Our goal is to support a curriculum that balances play and guided learning with focused instruction, to spark 21st century skills.


Brighten your child’s learning journey. Admissions Open for Preschool.